No próximo mês de Fevereiro, em Barcelona, serei um dos oradores do Elia Together, um evento que pretende juntar tradutores e empresas de tradução para discutir em conjunto os temas que nos interessam.

Irei falar sobre Como lidar com as instruções dos projectos de tradução:

Many project managers complain about the fact that translators often ignore instructions. Translators often complain about instructions being over-complicated, useless and rather unusable — and, anyway, it’s easier to follow common sense. I will look at these two perspectives, trying to pinpoint where we all go wrong. I’ll present some tips about creating useful and usable instructions and strategies to make people read them, taking into consideration how humans really work and integrating the use of CAT tools. I’ll also present some guidelines for translators to be able to better organize and follow instructions sent by clients. Looking at instructions from these two perspectives will be useful for both translators and project managers, improving communication between everyone involved and saving everyone a great deal of time and effort.